About the Blog and the Author

This blog is just about the story. It’s a story that I started a long time ago, transferred it here, put the first part in a book, and I’m having far too much fun to stop. If you are reading this for the first time, you may like to start with the oldest and work forward, or you can look at the pages where I have put the posts in chronological order. The first one is Tales from the White Hart and the second is, with great originality, More Tales from the White Hart. You may also like to read the story of Steve Adderson before he met the arrived at the White Hart, which is listed under Across a Misty Bridge.

If you enjoyed reading this, I am so thrilled and happy. If you want to pick up more of my writing, check out my other blog, Always Another Chapter, which has regular flash fiction and occasional book reviews as well as any news from other writing.

And speaking of other writing, I’ve written two books and a novella which include a few familiar faces from the White Hart. I had so much fun writing them, it ought to be illegal. I hope you can get the same fun reading them.

You can usually reach me by leaving a comment here, or you may like to try contacting me on Facebook, Lyssa Medana’s home page, and it’s probably best to leave a comment as I’m still working out how to check messages. Thank you for reading.